General AR15 Reviews - Instructor/Gunsmith Chad Albrecht

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  • nnztg8r (Saturday, February 04 17 09:17 am EST)

    I've invested in not one but two custom upper builds by Chad. I've also paid for an upper reliability review for an existing weapon.

    These are despite being a days drive away and having plenty of other 'smiths who can build and or work on my weapons.

    Chad is a superb gunsmith. His knowledge of the AR is exceeded only by his attention to detail and commitment to extreme customer service.

    If you want to be overcharged and or to have smoke blown up your arse, go somewhere else. If you need work done absolutely right, the first time and every time, get Chad. Hes committed to doing the very best job. He's also priced VERY reasonably and IMO is a world class AR smith.

  • Tawn Tipsword (Saturday, February 04 17 09:21 am EST)

    I have been very happy with my relatively new Rock River AR but the weak staking on the gas key and the lack of any staking (loctite only) on the castle nut has always bugged me.

    Additionally, I recently bought a 17 year old Police trade-in Colt AR-6721 that I wanted checked over.

    This morning I took both rifles up to Chad's (Clandestine) for some work.

    On the Rock River he checked the head space with both the original BCG as well as with a spare Colt BCG I picked up. He properly staked the RRA BCG and removed the loctited castle nut and replaced it with a Noveske QD endplate and new castle nut I provided and staked the nut. Very meticulous in his work. Chased the threads to make sure they were clear of loctite and used a torque wrench on the castle nut as well as to check RRA's torque on the gas key.

    On the Colt he replaced the action, extractor and ejector springs. He also removed and reinstalled and staked a new endplate and castle nut that evidently the Police Armourer didn't quite get right. Additionally, he checked bolt, extractor, firing pin and extractor for wear. He used various gauges, go/no tools and a high dollar bore scope to check everything end-to-end including trigger pull, head space, barrel trueness and wear, as well as gas tube corrosion/wear. He did identify that although the rifle has seen a fair number of rounds, it has been well maintained and is sound although the gas tube needs to be replaced very soon (it was the only component that failed a go/no go check).

    All in all, he spent over an hour going over both rifles in great detail in his very well equipped mobile shop. Probably the best part was that he explained what he was doing and why each step of the way.

    The amount he quoted for the service was about half what I thought it was worth.

    This was the first time I had met Chad and without any reservations I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get their AR inspected, serviced or repaired. My Colt will be going back once the new gas tube comes in. It was time and money well spent.

  • ironpony (Saturday, February 04 17 10:16 am EST)

    I'll begin my short story with "I'm a 13'er" which is a Maryland term for gun enthusiast who was forced to jump into additional firearm form factors, for lack of a better word, due to the gun laws passed in 2013. I went the buy once cry once way and purchased and assembled AR platform rifles the way I decided was best for me as opposed to grabbing one off the shelf. I am now an AR enthusiast even though the law is pretty much worthless.
    Through my research this Chad guy's name kept showing up and through the last few years he has shown himself to be "the final word" when deciding/finding out the correct way to accomplish my end goals ... correctly. I've had him give several of my rifles the once over, which is very thorough, and low and behold my builds have passed his tests. A very good feeling. Personally, I believe before you can abide by the initial four rules of firearm safety you must have a safely operating firearm and through Chad I know I do!
    As a person he has done more for the AR community than anyone I've heard of, for example LEO and .mil free inspection days, special event inspections and actual repairs done on site, in short, he's good people! I will not go into his experience since it will be obvious to you within 5 minutes of listening to this guy and you will gladly hand over your AR for him make it the most trusted tool in your collection.

  • Mercy Jantz (Saturday, February 04 17 02:04 pm EST)

    Chad knocked it out of the park! 14.5" fluted barrel, pinned FSB, pinned & welded brake, assorted parts in a box and the man handed back a blue printed totally checked out assembled upper than has since performed absolutely flawlessly. He has also sick assisted with a nunber of builds I've attempted and resolved a handful of issues I've experienced along my learning path. He is a TOTAL professional in every sense of the word and the greatest pleasure to work with. I would never take my AR to another. Chad is top notch 100% across the board. A rare, but authentic expert!

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