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  • Stefan P Czerwinski (Tuesday, March 03 20 03:25 pm EST)

    Chad Albrecht of the School of the American Rifle devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest sharing his endless knowledge of the AR platform with both his students and online AR enthusiasts. He is making an outstanding contribution to teaching his students and to the general enlightenment of other AR enthusiasts, online or other, willing to listen objectively to both his seasoned procedures and innovative original perspective in function diagnostics and build techniques. I can without a doubt recommend anyone from the novice, just looking to get their "feet wet" to the advanced builder, who's plateaued and needs a new perspective, to attend one of the courses provided by the School of the American Rifle. And for those individuals and professional agencies who may be looking to utilize his recently announced future AR inspection and reliability services, I would definitely "pull the trigger". Chad's professionalism and commitment to maintaining nothing short of the highest quality standards in his class instruction will undoubtedly transfer to his daily business operations. I personally look forward to his future posts and videos as well as hopefully attending his course again to add to my knowledge base and absorb what I can from his years of experience.

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