AR15 Amorers Course Testimonials


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  • Dave Costello (Thursday, July 09 20 07:53 pm EDT)

    Having previously looked at several other courses in the north eastern US, I decided that SOTAR was in fact the BEST bang for the buck. Instructor Chad & his assistant were EXTREMELY helpful & patient with everyone’s questions & answered them in a positive & professional manner. Definitely going to return for the next level of class. Every possible AR tool you’ve ever seen or heard of is available for you to look at!! NO ONE will go to the level of expertise that Chad has gone to to give you your money’s worth. #WorthEveryPenny!!!!

  • Larry Jacob (Wednesday, June 12 19 04:57 pm EDT)

    Being fairly new to ARs, this class provided a good understanding of how the platform works, how it is to be properly configured and how test for proper fit. There was a lot of information to go through but Chad always took time for questions and provided hands-on testing with each individual. Thoroughly enjoyed the class and folks that attended.

  • Earle Dashiell (Tuesday, November 13 18 02:36 pm EST)

    Just finished the AR Armorers Class and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in ARs. The government gave me one of these in1968 and I learned more about it in one day with Chad that in all the time since then. Well taught and well worth the cost.

  • Pete Nevins (Monday, November 12 18 08:04 am EST)

    This is the place to be if you want a thorough intro to the AR's taught by an expert with the skills to present the material in a clear and concise manner. Well worth the price of admission for sure.

  • Franklin Tate (Sunday, July 29 18 10:37 am EDT)

    A fantastic course with an overload of information. Chad is a very effective teacher and gives willingly of his time and expertise. If you have an AR platform, you need this course.

  • Robert Carman (Monday, July 16 18 10:04 pm EDT)

    This is my 2nd gun course from SOTA, Armorers and Builders Courses. Chad takes the time to explain any questions asked and is hands on showing you how to do things with gauges and tools. Very informative and well run classes.

  • Doc Holliday (Friday, January 26 18 06:57 am EST)

    I've now built numerous AR platforms and each one has been built using precisely what I learned in both Chad's build and armorer courses and, to date, each one has been tested and put through the wringer in accordance with Chad's teaching and all have worked perfectly. I am adding this endorsement because I have not only learned from Chad, but what Chad teaches works and works extremely well. If you are considering a build or even just a purchase, Chad's armorer class should be mandatory for you.

  • Bruce J (Wednesday, May 17 17 09:13 am EDT)

    This full-day course is a non-stop drink from a firehose. Chad clearly could spend an entire week on the material, and so he focuses on what, as a seasoned gunsmith, he has seen to be the most important topics. In the class, you get a fantastic introduction on how to tune the machine, how to diagnose problems, and how to recognize when things might be a little off. It is a very interactive, hands-on class, constantly going back and forth between lecture with slides and then active demo on your own guns to illustrate the point Chad just made ... so you spend the entire day assembling/disassembling, checking, and measuring all the important points on your guns.

    The class (May 2017) was attended by people ranging from relative novice (e.g., me and my daughter) to people who clearly have significant experience (e.g., former military and law enforcement), and everyone was completely focused on the material the entire time, so it clearly is appropriate for people at all levels.

    I can't say enough good about this class. It is simply amazing. Really makes you appreciate the genius behind the design of the AR platform. Thank you Chad, Irv, and assistants!

  • David B (Tuesday, May 09 17 09:54 pm EDT)

    I took the AR-15 Armorers Course (5-6-17). This is a must class to attend no matter where your experience level is. Your going to learn something from this class! Chad's Knowledge of the AR-15 Platform is incredible. Not only is Chad a Master Gunsmith but a great teacher as well. A big shout out to Irv for helping me along the way. Irv also brings years of experience to the classroom and a great teacher as well. I look forward to taking an AR-15 build class with these guys in the future.

    Thanks for everything! Very glad I took this class!

  • Doc Holliday (Monday, May 08 17 12:44 pm EDT)

    If you have or are considering buying an AR platform, this course should be mandatory for you. An absolutely superb class for both the first-timer or the seasoned AR shooter. Bring an empty brain because you are going to be drinking from a fire hose, but Chad is an absolutely stellar instructor along with his assistants.

    Thanks for everything!!!!

  • Matthew Morton (Tuesday, March 14 17 02:40 pm EDT)

    I took Chad's class after taking two other armorer classes at another institution more than several years ago. I needed a refresher and had known Chad from other work done by him on my firearms and thought it would be a good class.

    His class blew away the other armorer classes that I took. I learned more in one night than I did in two weekends of instruction at the other place.

    If you want to know more about the inner workings of an AR, this is the class for you.

    No matter what your skill level or experience level, you will learn in this class.

  • Greg (Monday, February 20 17 01:16 pm EST)

    I took the Armorer's class in Jan 2017. I am a novice compared to all the others in the class. It did not matter. All were treated equally. The class was fantastic. So much information. Also, I am now not afraid to take my AR apart. I have more confidence in troubleshooting issues and correctly solving said issues. A brilliant class with a brilliant instructor. Chad is funny, as well and makes the class not boring. He is also very patient. He takes pride in his class and work...and it shows. I would take this again because of so much information. I want to take one of my younger brothers. He was in the Marines and he told me he learned there. I then told him to come with me to the SOTAR class to learn it the correct way :) I cannot recommend this class more. Also, Chad's assistant Irv is fantastic, as well. To have these two willingly share their knowledge- you better be there to absorb it!!!

  • Gail P (Saturday, February 04 17 03:19 pm EST)

    Please excuse any typos, my new rescue kitten, WingNut, is helping me type this….I’m a lady shooter just getting back into shooting after a several decades break and last weekend I had the pleasure of taking the SOTAR Armorers 101 Class. Although I had been in the military and maintained and used an M16 during my enlistment, this was many, many years ago and I no longer had the confidence to work on or hit the range with my new AR15.

    I walked into the class and was warmly greeted by Chad wearing jeans and a t shirt—I was afraid there would be a roomful of guys decked out in the stereotypical military surplus attire, but this was far from the case. The other students who arrived ahead of me were all welcoming and dressed out in normal street attire. Before class started, we shared donuts and coffee that had been brought in by some students and looked at the display of broken and failed parts Chad had brought in from his extensive collection. The students ranged in experience from rank beginners, to those who had already built several ARs over the years and the material was presented in a manner that spoke to everyone regardless of their level of experience.

    Then the class was called to order. Irv, Chad’s very competent assistant, was introduced and a brief safety orientation was presented. There was a PowerPoint set up, but Chad and Irv only used the slides as a place marker and spoke freely from their depth of personal experience working with and shooting the AR15 carbine. They started from the muzzle and worked their way back system by system to the butt stock.

    All questions were factually answered and when practical, examples were shown and passed around the class that related to the issue being discussed. We were given the opportunity to verify the specs of our own carbines with the several gauges Chad had brought in and by viewing the samples of broken parts, learned what could happen if an out of spec or poorly maintained carbine was shot. Over the 10 hour period, we learned not only the parts of the AR by tearing down our own carbines, but what to look for when problems arise and how to resolve the most common problems, why some issues may occur, and when the use of a competent gunsmith might be in order.

    I was really shocked when the class came to an end because there was not a single moment that did not hold my full attention. It was the most interesting presentation I had ever attended and I am very much looking forward to future classes.

  • Amanda (Saturday, February 04 17 12:35 pm EST)

    I walked into the 'AR15 101 Armorers Course' class knowing very little about my (or any) AR15. I knew the main parts; upper, lower receiver etc., only because friends told me what to order to have a complete rifle. I also knew the basics of how to use it; point and shoot. I wanted to learn about my AR15 so that I could go to the range on my own and feel comfortable. I wanted to understand how it worked, how I was supposed to treat it, as well as how to tell when something wasn't quite right. Basically, I needed to learn everything and anything I possibly could. The Armorers course taught me that and more. The instructors were absolutely PHENOMENAL and the time they spent to explain and show us the good versus the bad was outstanding!
    I walked into the class terrified, nervous and, feeling silly because I am a girl who likes to shoot but lacks the knowledge or skill. I walked out of that class with confidence and excitement for the next class. By no means, do I think I know everything about my AR15, but I do feel 110% more comfortable carrying, cleaning, and observing my rifle. I feel like now, if I want to go shoot, I can go shoot. I don't need someone else to come with me because I don't know how to disconnect the upper and lower. Yes, I did not know how to do that. Simple, I know, but, it is a firearm, and until I was taught the proper way to handle it, I was not taking chances.
    At the end of this class I was ready to go home, review my notes and basically re-play the class all over again. That is how excited I was. Yes, this class is great for a beginner like me, however, it is also perfect for those familiar with their own rifle and completely comfortable shooting it. I promise, you will not leave the class without learning multiple new skills in diagnosing various causes and concerns with your rifle. I am looking forward to taking as many classes with SOTAR that I can. It was a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where I learned more than I could have asked for!

  • Phil (Saturday, February 04 17 09:41 am EST)

    The SOTAR AR armorers course is a must for anyone who wants to completely understand the design and operation of thier rifle. Even if you are a seasoned shooter with this platform, I guarantee you will learn 10 things you did not know. You will see tools that you have never seen and have full access to them on YOUR rifle.

    An added bonus is being in a room full of like minded shooters. Great atmosphere and top notch safety protocols and instruction.

    You cannot beat this class.

  • Jason (Wednesday, February 01 17 08:04 am EST)

    Thanks to Chad and Irv for an incredibly informative and enjoyable day learning the AR platform. These guys are masters of their craft and it shows in the depth of the material and professionalism of the presentation. Tens hours of instruction and I felt like Chad was just scratching the surface on some topics. He is a wealth of knowledge on the AR-15.

  • Steve Thomas (Tuesday, January 31 17 12:01 pm EST)

    My son and I spent Saturday with Chad and Irv. It amazes me the amount of information these guys have to share and the way they do it. Ten hours flew by and I could have stayed for more! My son just bought his first AR and I wanted him to learn to take care of it himself. You will not be disappointed taking one of Chad's classes

  • David K (Monday, January 30 17 09:15 am EST)

    Best class I've ever taken, hands down. Chad and Irv provide a wealth of information along with showing their passion in the industry and this platform.

  • Mike Godwin (Monday, January 30 17 08:23 am EST)

    Took the Armorers Course this past weekend and really learned quite a bit. The pupils in our session had varying levels of expertise from complete novice to those who have built their own complete rifles from a box of parts. It can't be easy to design a course with so much information and present it to an audience with such a wide variance of expertise. That said, these guys did a great job of both.

    The course consisted of over 10 hours of instruction and hands on training. There was so much material covered that everyone learned something yet no one could have possibly learned everything. Personally, I found the use of all of the gauges/tools, as well as the instruction on how to and what to look for to be worth more than the price of admission. Chad/Irv were also nice enough to help the attendees fix a few things on their rifles during breaks and after the class.

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone, of any skill level that is looking to have a good understanding of, how to maintain, and how to diagnose issues with their rifle.

  • Luke Johnsen (Wednesday, April 13 16 12:49 am EDT)

    The AR15 Armorer class taught by Chad Albrecht at the School of the American Rifle was excellent. Chad is a great teacher and very organized and there is absolutely no wasted time during class. The
    day is filled with relevant information which is delivered in an easy to understand manner and totally hands on. I feel very comfortable using all the skills and info I got from the class and I plan
    to take more classes at the School of the American Rifle

  • Kevin Oyarzo (Thursday, February 25 16 09:29 pm EST)

    I attended the recent AR15 Armorers class at the School of the American Rifle taught by Chad Albrecht. It was an excellent course taught by a professional Master Gunsmith. This class will empower you
    to gain the confidence needed to take control of the reliability of your rifle by learning to maintain it as well as how it works through all of its components.

    Chad cuts through a lot of the hype that abounds in the world about the AR15. One can tell that he truly loves what he does and he gives solid reasons why he promotes the direct impingement AR15
    platform. He does not care, and will not criticize, any rifle you have. He only wants to help you make you and your rifle better. He openly shares his knowledge and experience. He is direct, honest
    and affable. He is also humble. He freely admits that he learns something new every day and adds it to his book of knowledge.

    The overarching theme of the course is safety. This controlled everything that we did. Personally, I was impressed that every time I saw Chad pick up a firearm, he checked to make sure it was clear.
    What an excellent habit to acquire. Next, he was very clear that in everything he teaches he always follows the law. He will not discuss any illegal modifications to any firearm, period.

    This course is a no nonsense, practical course designed to familiarize you with making your AR15 safe and reliable through proper maintenance, parts and ammunition selection. He backs up his
    teachings with his years of gunsmith experience and physical examples of parts as well as photographs and videos of ARs and their components. You will see prematurely failed parts and discover why
    they failed. You will be surprised to see some parts far beyond their expected life after many thousands of rounds, still in service. Combat damage to military weapons yields a surprising fact. The
    AR15 is a very robust weapon. It’s no wonder that after 50+ years it is still relied on by the U.S. military.

    All parts of the rifle are covered in detail. The armorer instruction begins at the muzzle of the rifle, goes through the barrel and upper receiver, works through to the buttstock, then drops down to
    the lower receiver and ends with a lesson on cleaning. We gauged and inspected parts to be sure that everything was in safe tolerances. You are hands on with your rifle as he patiently takes you
    through proper maintenance and service; answering all of your questions, in detail along the way.

    Chad has an affinity for quality tools and I noticed that he selects the best tool for the job. His tool collection is impressive. We saw everything from bore scopes, to go-no-go gauges, pin gauges,
    throat erosion gauges etc. As someone who has made his living with tools, I appreciate the value of a quality tool. For the person interested in maintaining or building a rifle, many AR 15 specific
    tools and parts are displayed and distributed through the class to use on your rifle. You will learn a lot. By the way, he never pushes any products or parts in this course.

    The deluge of tips and techniques on maintenance are invaluable. I was wearing out my pen writing down all the great information. Lubrication is discussed and the truth is given about the many “Snake
    Oils” on the market. You will be surprised at how inexpensive and effective Chad’s lubricant recommendations are. Most importantly, he shows you what to use, how much, and where to apply it.

    I had to re-learn what I was taught about cleaning a rifle. Cleaning too aggressively in some areas of the rifle can actually shorten the life of critical components or reduce the reliability of the

    During one of the breaks, one of my classmates told that he had been to multiple armorer’s classes given by Colt, and that he did not learn half as much from them as he did from this class.

    For me, here is the best gift that Chad gave me. I now have the knowledge and ability to properly maintain my rifle. I have the confidence to know that when I shoulder my rifle, it will not let me
    down because I did not have to rely on an unknown gunsmith’s capabilities. I will never again have to assume that someone else properly assembled my rifle, because I can verify that it is in good
    working order. To me, what matters most in that moment of truth is that my rifle works flawlessly.

    I can’t wait to take his next class.

  • Tony Brooks (Wednesday, February 24 16 02:22 pm EST)

    Great class! Chad and crew made sure everyone received help when needed. If you don't leave with a real understanding of the AR platform stay and ask more questions. Chad will stay until you have it
    down. Chads tools were one of the best parts of the for me and he gives you a ton of info on tools and troubleshooting. Well worth the investment of time and money.
    thank you Chad had a great time
    tony b

  • Rodney Leeber (Tuesday, February 23 16 01:38 pm EST)

    Incredible amount of information. Well worth the money. Wish I had this class and also the cleaning class years ago. Chad is an amazing teacher. Can't wait for the build class.

  • MIke (Sunday, February 21 16 07:45 am EST)

    AR15 101 Armorers Class
    I just took this class with my 15 yr old daughter that Chad invited so that he could share and pass on his expert knowledge and skills of the AR15 rifle. We both had a great time and learned a lot.
    The instruction of the class is backed by live demonstrations and hands on with your own rifle. Chad and his staff made sure that you got everything you wanted out of the class. He answered
    everybody’s question and even fixed a few problems that where discovered in class on students rifles. His assistant Irving was also extremely helpful especially to my daughter by helping her one on
    one and making sure she understood everything she was doing. He made sure that she did it with his guidance and didn’t want to do it for her. She knew what the bolt was but now she can clean and
    strip her bolt down to nothing and reassemble without help. She had a little bit of a hard time getting the extractor reassembled but Irving kept giving her tips until she got it herself.
    If you own an AR15 you owe to yourself to sign up for one of these classes to fully understand your rifle. You will not be disappointed that is for sure. Plan for a full day as I think Chad would
    stay until everyone is happy. He is not that instructor that just wants his money and then kicks you out when the class is supposed to end. He truly wants you to have a great learning experience. I
    will for surely be taking more classes as they become available.

  • Bob Kelly (Saturday, February 20 16 10:34 pm EST)

    What a great class. I have assembled three different AR15s. I had know idea what I didn't know that I am now going to focus on when I reassemble these rifles. Chad is a great guy who explains things
    so that you can understand them and uses real examples to supplement his teaching. I am really glad that I committed to attending this class. Thanks Chad and staff!

  • DaemonAssassin (Sunday, February 07 16 12:21 am EST)

    Because the class I attended was so long ago, this will be a brief review of the class. I also want to thank those who made my scholarship possible.

    I attended the 6/12/15 armorer's class. I have never attended a class like this before, so I was excited to see what we were going to do.

    I showed up about 25 minutes early, made sure I was in the right place, found my seat, and brought stuff in. I was seated next to my part time partner in crime, Bradmacc. Doc and Nntzgr were in front
    of me. Talk about being with a good crowd, either that or Chad had a wicked sense of humor. Class started right on time, with everybody in attendance and the obligatory Miltec jokes.

    We used the go/no go gauges on chambers, pin holes, a piece of weed whacker line for the gas tube, and we also were able to use a bore scope on our rifles. If there were problems that we found, Chad
    would fix that rifle in front of us, so all of us could learn how to solve the issue. We were shown how to lap the receiver face, where we can/can't use Loc-tite, how to properly stake the gas key,
    how to properly stake the castle nut, how to test the gas rings, how to test the extractor, how to test if the gas tube was aligned properly with the upper and gas key, and numerous other

    As the class progressed, there were adequately scheduled breaks, and lunch was delicious pizza. There was a good selection of drinks, water and sodas.

    At some of the parts of the class, like where you checks the mag(s) that you brought, there would be little competitions for the class. Chad would also ask random questions at random times, to see if
    anybody knew the answer. I knew an answer and found a smoke generation device fly in my general direction. Mopar won the 10 cases in the mag the fastest, so he got a box of purple 40 ammo. Wes should
    have been there, he could have won it and used it in a Hi-Point 40.

    Chad also taught us the run it wet lubrication method. I have since adopted his method. I have found that my AR runs smoother, is easier to clean, and costs less to keep lubricated. Using Mobil 1
    Synthetic 5w-30 for lubricant was odd at first, but it has been growing on me.

    After class ended, there was a bit of time where we all hung out and enjoyed the fellowship. Talking with fellow MDS members after class was something that is enjoyable and a great way to get ideas
    for further builds or pointers on where to go for supplies/items. It also allowed us to spend time with Chad in a MDS member fashion and ask questions about things from the class or anything

    Chad's son's were excellent in assisting Chad throughout the class, they deserve special note for all that they did in setting up and breaking everything down. They were friendly, helpful, and
    genuinely great guys.

    It was worth the drive from Frederick and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I also recommended the class to a few MDS members, and as of the last time I heard, they had already attended their
    armorer class with Chad. One of the things on my list is to be able to attend a Tortuca session, because I am intrigued as to what is covered in that class.

  • qwertee123 (Sunday, September 13 15 07:32 pm EDT)

    I took the AR course Friday night (9/11/2015) and I MOST HIGHLY recommend this class. I've taken vendors' AR15 armorer/build and various other AR related classes and this class was far more
    informative and instructive.

    Chad's class logically progresses from muzzle devices rearward to the stock, covering the use of common & specialized tools and inspection criteria along the way.

    For me, what set this class apart from comparable AR classes I've taken was Chad's use of literally hundreds of photographs and dozens of sample damaged or otherwise defective parts giving the
    student excellent physical and visual cues and clues to look for and remember.

    He passed around or showed pictures of damaged bolt carriers, gas tubes, bolts, gas keys, barrels, etc... we were shown examples of virtually everything that I would never would think to check for
    damage or dangerous wear:

    "I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats."

    But seriously, as a visual thinker, I will remember this class material better because of those examples.

    In addition, he passed around his specialized tools and we all used them to gauge or inspect our equipment during the class. I got to inspect my barrel with a bore scope which was cool. And using
    just a fingernail, I found I have one slightly worn bolt cam pin, which could explain some cycling issues I've occasionally had with that upper assembly.

    I had never met Chad before, but I have read and heeded his helpful gunsmithing posts on MDShooters. Right from the outset of the class, you immediately see he knows this material cold. He is polite
    and professional and the class was conducted accordingly. The pace was excellent, moving quickly through material but taking the occasional question and pausing for any before moving on to the next

    I'm hoping Chad will consider offering an AR build unit or even a whole separate build class; I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.

  • Chris C (Sunday, September 13 15 07:08 pm EDT)

    I very much enjoyed the AR15 Armorers Course and would HIGHLY recommend it to any present or future AR15 owner – whether you have zero experience with the platform, or decades.

    Chad is very knowledgeable and is courteous and professional at all times. However, it’s his clearly evident passion for sharing his understanding of the AR15 platform that really makes this class
    special. I have never taken another armorers class, but I think you would hard pressed to find that another class offers anything that Chad does not.

    Eight hours is a long time to keep the attention of an audience, but that was not an issue in this class. As a federal employee, an engineer, and a grad student, I am well acquainted with “death by
    PowerPoint”, and I can assure you, this class comes nowhere close. The course material is well organized with good pacing and plenty of hands-on exercises. The topics proceed in a logical order from
    the front of the gun to the rear. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and there are several hundred pictures to illustrate the material. Better yet, Chad has numerous physical examples of
    standard, damaged, or otherwise unique parts to pass around and make sure the students have a clear understanding of what he is describing. Chad is an excellent teacher who makes the class enjoyable
    and informative.

    If you are under the impression that you know everything there is to know about the AR15 platform, the opportunity to use the tools and gauges alone would still be worth the price of admission.
    Unless you are a gunsmith or armorer, you probably do not have many of the gauges that Chad provides for the students to check the specs of their ARs. And don’t think that just because you bought the
    most expensive AR out there, that you are safe from out of spec or damaged parts – any manufacturer can let a bad part slip out, regardless of their reputation. In my own case, I found that the BCG
    in my $1500 precision upper had an oversized gas key, out of spec firing pin protrusion (likely the cause of some light strikes that I have been seeing), and a potentially weak extractor. On the
    other hand, the BCGs in the other two (considerably less expensive) uppers that I brought were completely within spec. Chad explained to me exactly what I needed to do to fix my BCG issues with tools
    that I have, and told me to contact him if I had any issues with the repair work. I doubt that you will get that kind of support from many other firearms classes, and you can’t put a price on
    verifying the specs and functionality of a tool that your life may someday depend on.

    If you are considering attending one of Chad’s classes, rest assured that it is absolutely worth your time and money!

  • Brad (Saturday, June 13 15 07:23 pm EDT)

    Excellent material, taught by an extremely talented individual.

    This class is a 'must' if you intend to own or service/build your own AR-15.

    You WILL learn something by attending this class, I can promise you that. Even if you've owned/shot/built AR's in the past, you will learn something new. I did.

    Chad, great class today. Your hair is almost a rival to the good Doctors. ;)

  • Phil Woolford (Friday, June 12 15 07:52 am EDT)

    I took Chad’s inaugural class also and agree with others that Chad is a genius that loves to teach. This class is excellent no matter what your experience level with an AR is. I have built dozens of
    AR's but learned many tricks and techniques in the class that help me troubleshoot and build a more reliable rifle. You will learn how to completely disassemble your AR, clean it, use gauges to check
    everything is within spec then rebuild and lubricate it.
    The best part of the class is you learn all this using your own AR15!

  • A. Ray Miller (Sunday, March 29 15 12:54 am EDT)

    Chad is the premiere AR-15 gunsmith in the State of Maryland, and it shows. But who knew he is also an excellent teacher?

    I took his inaugural class and it was comprehensive: from cleaning, to maintenance, to simple and advanced troubleshooting and repairs, AR-15 design decisions and tradeoffs, and even product tips and

    This is a hands-on you bring in your own rifles and work on them during the class. It is appropriate for both beginning and advanced students.

    I especially enjoyed Chad giving the "why" behind the "what". That allows students to better understand, and remember, procedures and specifications, and gives a better appreciation for this amazing

    If you own an AR-15 you owe it to yourself to take this class. Five stars.

  • Mike Kaluzienski (Saturday, March 28 15 03:42 pm EDT)

    This is an excellent class to take if you own an AR, even if you are a novice. The subject matter you will be exposed to is extremely informative and is attributed to Chad's many years of experience
    working with these rifles. He has this material down to a science and you will benefit greatly from his extensive knowledge. The gauging done on your rifle will tell you things about it you probably
    weren't aware of; if issues are found, Chad will resolve them right there in class for you. He is very meticulous and covers every important aspect of the AR - including tips and tricks that are
    priceless. I look forward to taking more classes from him in the future.

  • Skip Martin (Saturday, March 28 15 02:11 pm EDT)

    Excellent class! The instructors knowledge of subject material and the passion for teaching it is unsurpassed. You will learn your rifle inside and out, what things to look for, and all manner of
    tips and tricks!

  • Bill Sutton (Saturday, March 28 15 10:29 am EDT)

    Chad, I want to thank you for this class. The depth that you go into knowing your AR is incredible. I will be referring back to my notes many times to try and fully digest the knowledge you imparted
    on me. I highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to become intimate with their firearm!

  • Frederick Diven (Saturday, March 28 15 09:50 am EDT)

    I took this course on 3/27. It was awesome. So much was learned by many in a safe and well organized class. Although you don't leave the class a gunsmith, you will leave with the ability to diagnose
    most if not all problems with your AR. I can't say enough about Chad and his instruction. It was very clear that he spent many hours on prep.
    Thank you Chad for offering this class.

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