Student Requirements


-Enrollee must bring an AR15 when attending any Class.

-Enrollee must be a United States Citizen.

-Enrollee must have a Valid State Identification.

-Enrollee minimum enrollment age is 18.



-Those prohibited to possess a firearm under any Federal or State Laws.

-Mentally disqualified individuals.

-Those under indictment for ANY crime that would prohibit firearm possession or ownership.

-Alcohol or Illegal Drug use before or during Class.

-Member/s of ANY Terrorist Organization, ANTIFA, Socialist/Communist Organization, Gang Member, Anti-American, Anti-Police, or Anti-U.S. Military.



-Students must be 21+ to bring a non HBAR/Heavy Barrel AR15, Silencer/Sound Suppressor, Short Barreled AR15 Rifle, AR15 A.O.W., or AR15 Pistol into Maryland. If you possess a Title II/Class 3 device you MUST show your NFA Tax Stamp when checking in for any course.

-See our FAQ regarding what AR15's are legal to bring into Maryland.

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