AR15 2 Day Master Armorer and Build Course



This Class is a Condensed/Combined AR Armorer and AR Build Course with an added in Range Day.


This Course is tailored for those who want both Classes and Renge/Test Time. Students will build their "Box of AR15 Parts" into a reliable AR15 under a Gunsmiths supervision. YOU will bring your OWN AR15 components, and YOU will build the gun. I will watch and teach you. Unlike other Schools, we DO NOT require Students to take our other Class Offerings, to attend more advanced courses like this one. 


If you don't have a "Box of Parts" but have an ASSEMBLED AR15, you can bring an assembled AR and I will tear it down before class so you can reassemble it to proper specifications. Remember, just because your AR is put together, it does not mean it is put together and tuned properly.


The Class will be held in at a Private Site in Elkton, MD.


Student's who are interested in attending will be required to send me a detailed list of the components they have and a photographs of the components. I will need details on what parts are new and/or used. All components brought to the class MUST be approved by me first.


No tools required. I provide ALL of them. You may bring your own tools and gauges if you would like to use them.


Students MUST bring their own Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Minimum of 60 Rounds of Ammunition, and at least 3 Magazines. 


Class is for 5.56/.223, 9mm Luger, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 7.62x39, and .300 Blackout Caliber AR's ONLY


-All components will be Inspected/Blueprinted/Assembled/Torqued to "Match" & Self-Defense" Standards

-Measure Action Spring Length

-Gauge Firing Pin Protrusion GO/NOGO

-Gauge Firing Pin Bore in Bolt GO/NOGO

-Gauge Lower Receiver Hammer and Trigger Pin Bores in the Lower Receiver GO/NOGO

-Gauge F.C.G. Bores and Interface with Lower Receiver
-Gauge Ejector Spring #

-Bevel Ejector

-Gauge Lower Receiver Rear Lug Recess GO/NOGO

-Inspect Lower Receiver F.C.G. Pocket

-Gauge Upper and Lower Receiver Gap GO/NOGO

-Gauge Magazine Lips GO/NOGO

-Inspect Gas Key Staking and Check Fastner Torque with IN# Torque Wrench

-Gauge Gas Tube Flange GO/NOGO

-Inspect/Match/Polish Feed Ramps

-Inspect B.C.G. Parts for proper De-Magnetization

-Gauge Headspace GO/NOGO/FIELD

-Gauge Gas Tube for Obstructions GO/NOGO

-Gauge Gas Key for Straightness GO/NOGO

-Gauge Trigger Pull 

-Lap Upper Receiver Face

-Gauge Upper Receiver Bore/Charging Handle Raceway

-Inspect B.C.G. Travel

-Inspect Buffer and Roll Pin

-Inspect Gas Key/Gas Tube Interface and Alignment

-Inspect Crown

-Inspect Carrier Travel and check for Gas Key Impacts on Lower Receiver

-Gauge Sound Suppressor Alignment GO/NOGO (YES, Bring your Silence

-Gauge Bore Straightness GO/NOGO

-Gauge Muzzle Erosion

-Gauge Throat Erosion

-Gauge Throat for .223 or 5.56 Specifications

-Gauge Lower Receiver Pivot and Takedown Bores GO/NOGO

-Inspect Barrel and Gas Port with Bore Scope

-Install & Allign Gas Block/F.S.B. with Bore Scope

-If Applicable Gas Block Dowel Pinned/ F.S.B. Taper Pinned (SLR, BCM, and Geissele ONLY for Pinning)

(SLR Adjustable Gas Blocks Preferred)
-Time/Clock Muzzle Devicehis Course DOES permit Muzzle Device Pinning & Welding but they must be pre-
and Iron Sights will be las


N.F.A/Class 3/Title II Builds are permitted ONLY with an APPROVED Tax Stamp.



Course Size: 1-5


Course Length: 2 DAYS (Day One 12 Hours, Day Two is 12 Hours) 

Day 1 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Day 2 8 A.M. to 8 P.M (Sometimes Later)


Location: Elkton, Maryland



-You MUST be sure your AR is Legal in Maryland. In MD there are Legal MD Prebans and Legal Post Ban AR15’s, if you are not sure if your AR is legal contact me ASAP.

-As of 10/1/2018 Bumpstocks, Crank Fire Devices, and Binary Triggers will be illegal in MD (Unless the Law is OVERTURNED)

-If you are NOT a MD Resident and are bringing a Short Barreled Rifle, A.O.W., Machinegun/Registered Machinegun Receiver, Lightning Link, or Registered Drop in Auto Sear, please check to be sure your Device is MD Legal, AND that you have an APPROVED BATFE Form 5320.20 to bring it to Maryland.


PIZZA AND BEVERAGES (Bottled Water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sweet Tea and Un-Sweetened Tea) PROVIDED FOR LUNCH (You may bring your own food and beverages.)


Instruction Language: English Only


Wheelchair Accessible: No


A safety brief is conducted at the beginning of the course and muzzle awareness and trigger finger safety is strictly monitored at all times. When checking in, each student AR15 will cleared by an Instructor and dry fired with the muzzle pointed into a sand bucket.


There WILL BE Live Fire Testing on DAY TWO of the course. No live ammunition is allowed until Day 2, when we are ON THE RANGE.


There will be loud noises during some parts of the course. There will be Air Compressor and Hammers being used, and on Day 2 we will be on the Range.


This course is a safety oriented but relaxed environment. The course is meant to be a fun and enjoyable learning experience with likeminded people. Your AR15 will be gauged and assembled during the course. It is possible that you will find a problem or something or something will fail a gauge test. If this occurs don’t worry, take a deep breath, relax, clear your mind, and then get back into the task at hand. The purpose of the course is not to show you how "junky" your AR15 is. The purpose is to teach you how to build and gauge it properly. You are free to bring your own spare parts or, if available you can purchase parts on site with a Check or Cash if you wish to repair any problem during the course that you may encounter. 


NO Pets are permitted! (Service Dogs are permitted, but they MUST behave)


NO audio or video recording devices are permitted without my permission. If you attempt to record and video or audio without permission, you will be asked to leave. NO REFUNDS!


NO cell or smart phone use allowed! You can bring a cell/smart phone to and inside of the course but it MUST be on silent/vibrate. I will NOT allow usage of cell/smart phones or texting during course. We will have periodic class breaks and phone usage is welcome during that time. If you have something important to use your cell/smart phone for during course you can go outside to text, email, instant message, skype, facetime, video chat, talk and the like. I WILL NOT permit phones to be out in the open during course.  


The student understands that ALL materials and information is protected and copyrighted. The student agrees to not duplicate or copy ANY information provided in the class or reproduce the material for their own classes and/or instruction. 


There are NO REFUNDS if you have an emergency and must leave course. Under LIMITED circumstances, I may waive fees to attend a future course. This is handled on a case by case basis and there are NO GUARANTEES.


There will be no discussions about how to violate firearm laws. 


There will be no trash talk of Internet Forums, Instructors, Gun Shops, Armorers, or Gunsmiths. That is NOT the purpose of the course. We are here to show you “A” way to do things that was developed through professional Gunsmith experience with the AR15.  I encourage all of my students and prospective students to take other courses if they have the time and funds. As an Instructor and Gunsmith, I never stop learning and I encourage others to do the same.


This course is specific to 5.56/.223, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 7.62x39, .300 Blackout D.I. AR15's, and Blowback 9mm AR15;s. No Gas Piston AR15's are permitted. Large Frame AR's (AR10 Type) are not permitted in Classes of 2 or more Students, but I can schedule a ONE on ONE Class for Large Frame AR Owners. 


This course is conducted in a single room so please be mindful of your personal hygiene. I urge everyone to shower in the morning before attending and wear comfortable and freshly laundered clothing. Please use deodorant, brush your teeth, and if you wear cologne or body spray please don’t overdo it. Students must keep their shirt and shoes on at all times. 


All students MUST pay in FULL after registration. Registration requires students to complete the Electronic Enrollment Form. Students must also print and submit a Waiver to attend this course. You must present a valid identification when checking in for course. You CAN NOT attend this course if you are prohibited by any Federal or State Laws to possess a firearm, this includes mentally disqualified individuals. If you are under indictment for ANY crime that would prohibit firearm possession then you are NOT PERMITTED to attend. There will be Law Enforcement in attendance.


This class is a friendly environment and there are no "dumb questions". Please dont feel  intimidated.



This course is for Educational Purposes ONLY and does not grant certify anyone to be an Armorer or Gunsmith. 


Materials/Things that Students MUST Provide for the AR15 2 Day Combined Technical Course


Box of AR Parts that can be assembled into an AR15 or One Direct Impingement AR15 that will be disassembled and rebuilt.

(If you have a HOME MADE AR15 you MAY bring it if was manufactured and is possessed LEGALLY)


-A GOOD NIGHT of sleep and an open mind.

-NO AMMUNITION in magazines, in the Firearm, in the Case, or on your person until RANGE DAY.

-Clear Protective Eye Wear or Prescription Glasses

-Case for AR once complete

-Ear Protection

-60 Rounds of Ammunition (NOTE: If you Bring Reloads, you MUST bring at least 20 Rounds of Factory Ammunition)

-3 AR15 Magazines (Maximum of 8)

-Non Alcoholic Beverages and Snacks (Optional)

-Legal Notepad (Optional)
-Cordless Drill (Optional)

-Legal Silencer/Sound Suppressor (Optional)
-Headlamp (Optional)
-Digital or Dial Caliper (Optional)
-Seat Cushion (Optional)
-Cordless Drill (Optional)
-Gunsmith Screwdriver Set (Optional)



These are the Items that I provided at EACH Students Bench (CAN'T TAKE HOME)

-Bottled Water (Cold)
-Sweet Tea

-Un-Sweetened Tea
-Pizza (Lunch)

-Passwords for SOTAR Files/Manuals/Animation Software

Wood Top Workbench

-Metal Stool (Adjustable Height) and/or Folding Chair

-4” Yost Vise with Anvil

-Vise Pads

-Bench Block

-Obsidian Arms Punch and Roll Pin Holder Set (Color Coded)

-Little Crow Gunworks Bolt Catch Installation Punches (Color Coded)

-AR15 Magazine Catch Tool

-Brass and Steel Punches

-4 Ounce Ball Peen Hammer

-Bolt Vise (Removing and Installing AR15 Ejectors)

-Wheeler FAT Wrench (Inch Pound Torque Wrench)

-Allen Sets (Metric, SAE and Torx)

-Tape Measure

-3 Shelf Cart (For your Parts and Supplies)

-2 Pens

-1 Pencil

-Paper Towels

-Padded Work Mat

-Magnifying Glass

-Weed Eater Line (Gas Tube & Gas Key Gauge)

-Washer (Checks for Magnetic Parts)

-2 Chamber Flags

-Finger Cot

-2 Black Dunny Rounds

-Protective Eyewear

-Mini Flashlight

-10 EMPTY 5.56 Casings

-2 Parts Bins

-Pivot Detent Install Tool

-2 Bore Cleaning Patches

-4 Cotton Swabs

-33MS/Aeroshell Grease (Assembly)

-Synthetic Bearing Grease (Assembly/Lubrication)

-Oil (Assembly/Lubrication)

-Rockset (Heat Resistant Thread Locker)

-Kroil Oil (Stuck/Seized Parts)

-Cold Blue (Steel Touchup)

-Aluma Black (Aluminum Touchup)

-Nyogel (Electric Contact Grease)

-Rubber Gloves (Medium, Large, and XL)

-Name Tag (Adhesive)

-Automatic Center Punch

-Slave Pins

-G.I. Multiporpose Brush
-Lens Wipes (Optics)

-SAE Allen Bit Set

-Front Sight Tool



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